To stay Indonesia’s leader provider of radio communications service solutions that truly meet customers’ needs


  • To provide radio communications systems services and the added values these bring, using proven technology to meet customers’ needs.
  • To build strong, corporate-value-based partnerships with our business partners and regulators that maximize mutual benefits
  • To increase value of company by means to grow the business which in turn producing meaningful financial return to the stakeholder


  • We are dedicated to continuously upgrading our business, staff and infrastructure to take maximum advantage of the ongoing rapid development in telecommunications and IT.
  • We support our highly motivated staff through a corporate culture that stimulates and values teamwork, entrepreneurship, self respect and trustworthiness

Mobilkom’s Technical Track record

1995 –present - Mobilkom and Motorola

In 1995 Mobilkom was made an Authorized Dealer for Motorola MPT two way radio products, and in 2002 was appointed as Motorola’s Indonesian authorized distributor for its full range of two-way radio products (both infrastructure & Terminals). In 2003, Mobilkom was further appointed as Motorola’s sole authorized System Service Partner for Level II System Warranty Support in Indonesia.

1996 - present

From 1996 on Pertamina Headquarters has entrusted Mobilkom with providing its radio trunking services to meet its need for two-way radio communication between the Headquarters and the areas of Tanjung Gerem, Greater Jakarta and Bogor, Bandung, and Cirebon

1997/1998 - present

Mobilkom has shown it could not only survive the multi-dimensional crisis as a radio trunking operator, but could go on to grow into the largest one in Indonesia, both in terms of customer numbers as well as in area of service coverage

July 2003

Motorola wins the maintenance contract for PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia’s (CPI) Radio Trunking System for 1 year term, which Motorola then fully entrusted to Mobilkom. As the company was able to demonstrate its competence in performing this work, Motorola has again fully entrusted Mobilkom with the execution of the extension of this contract for a further 2 years through 2006


Mobilkom completes development of a compact, low-cost monitoring and control system to be used the monitoring and control of oil and gas wells or high voltage feeders. This equipment is now ready for field trials at PT.CPI and BOB-CPP Block in Riau and is currently now being marketed other Oil & Gas companies throughout Indonesia.


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