Established in 1993
Mobilkom is the leading trunking radio operator in Indonesia licensed by the Indonesian government for the 400 MHz & 800 MHz (VHF & UHF) frequency bands. It has the largest market share in radio trunking in Indonesia, now servicing over 350 customers (more than 5000 subscribers) through its distributed public and private networks. These customers come form the public and private sectors plus private individuals.

Mobilkom holds Indonesian Government trunked radio operating license No.PB.103/2/6/MPPT-95 (dated 28-02-1995) to conduct trunked radio service with the frequency allocation of 400 Mhz Band (License No. 291/TU/PT.207/DITBINFREK/93 (dated 20-07-1993)) and of 800 Mhz (license no. 327/IV.1.2/DITFREK/X/2002)

Mobilkom is a full services solution provider in radio communications, offering conventional radio solutions in VHF and UHF, as well as digital trunking services for voice and data plus microwave links. It also offers project consultancy and contractor services to meet all its customers’ needs.

Mobilkom is supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals, with graduate and post graduate degree in technical and non technical subjects especially engineering. All mobilkom’s infrastructure is fully owned. Comprehensive support services are provided through its head office and workshop in Jakarta, branches workshops in Surabaya, Bandung, Pekan Baru and representative’s office in Dumai, Plaju and Cirebon, ensuring rapid response to customers’ request and minimum downtime.

Appointed as an authorized Motorola distributor in Indonesia for trunked radio system and subscriber in late 2002, the company commenced a revitalization program in January 2003, with a new vision, mission, strategies and organization structure.


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Jan 08, 2004
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